New Beauty Editor Obsessions for August

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New Beauty Editor Obsessions for August

Published on: August 9, 2022

megan o'neill connected  a beach

We actually road-tested our favourite quality essentials this month—meaning we brought galore of them connected summertime weekends away—and we fell hard for them, arsenic you’ll see.

The Whole Beauty Department’s Obsessed:

Summer’s the premier sun-damage moment; portion we’re diligent astir wearing mineral sunscreen each day, we decidedly announcement prima harm much astatine this clip of year, arsenic we’re people wearing little (see Megan, above). The attraction we’re utilizing each nighttime and already seeing next-level results with: Sleep Milk. You creaseless it connected (it’s remarkably silky for an AHA serum) and it works overnight (and implicit time—the clinical results implicit 2 weeks are amazing) to people aggregate signs of prima damage, from wrinkles and acheronian spots to dullness, adust skin, and uneven tegument tone.

  1. goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk, goop, $98/$89 with subscription
    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk goop, $98/$89 with subscription
Jean Godfrey-June, enforcement  quality   editor

Jean Godfrey-June

executive quality director

One look astatine the before-and-after photos of people—young, old, precise old, male, female—who’d utilized this laser connected their tegument for 3 months and I picked it up and turned it on. (Typically tegument devices don’t thrill me; I’d alternatively spell to the dermatologist and get a stronger attraction erstwhile alternatively than returning to a instrumentality time aft day.) But the results—on wrinkles and firmness successful particular—are plain to spot (and wildly convincing) successful the photographs.

It’s besides elemental capable that I really use it (this is simply a stumbling artifact that I deliberation skin-device makers vastly underestimate): You crook it connected and the airy shines, and you clasp it implicit each country of your tegument (crow’s-feet would beryllium one, under-eye another, precocious articulator another, and truthful on) for 3 minutes and determination on. I bash it portion watching TV—I cannot urge The Rehearsal connected HBO much highly—or during those meetings wherever everyone turns disconnected their camera. I usually find the turned-off-camera meetings depressing, but, stuck successful productivity-fixated 2022, I find being capable to multitask portion devoting my afloat attraction to the gathering enormously satisfying.

It’s FDA-approved, and the reddish airy (well known for soothing, skin-smoothing benefits) is really lone a broadside benefit; the laser itself goes to the basal furniture of tegument to assistance stimulate collagen. It works connected immoderate country of the body; I whitethorn people my knees next, which radical seemingly do—easily accomplished during meetings adjacent with the camera on.

  1. LYMA LYMA Laser Starter Kit, goop, $2700
    LYMA LYMA Laser Starter Kit goop, $2,700

This light, silky concealed limb for hairsbreadth is called an oil, but I accidental it’s a serum. You tin usage it connected bedewed hairsbreadth arsenic a leave-in (it delivers gleam, large texture, and wide verve), but I emotion it astir connected adust hair, wherever it’s an casual hole for thing that’s not right, from errant frizz oregon a cowlick oregon curl that’s turning the incorrect mode to, of course, the request for much shine.

  1. True Botanicals Shine & Protect Hair Cream Oil, goop, $52
    True Botanicals Shine and Protect Hair Cream Oil goop, $52

The not-right-for-me is usually puffiness wherever I don’t privation it (the superb stylist Kattia Solano erstwhile told maine you don’t privation measurement close astir the tops of the ears, and this is existent for me). I emotion the brownish solid apothecary dropper bottle; I creaseless a small serum betwixt my hands and tally my fingers done the frizz/puffiness and it disappears. Then I twist a small much done my ends for much radiance (somehow the alleged lipid ne'er devolves into oiliness, which is simply a miracle).

  1. Beautycounter Twin Skin Creamy Concealer, goop, $34
    Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer goop, $34

Dot this concealer wherever determination is darkness, redness, oregon different offness, past pat lightly with your mediate digit to blend it (don’t rub, which conscionable moves the concealer disconnected the spot you’re concealing to determination other connected your face). Patting takes a fewer seconds longer than rubbing and you’ll deliberation it isn’t going to blend astatine all, and past abruptly you’ll look some flawless and makeup-less. Note: Be sparing with your archetypal dot, arsenic the concealer is ace pigmented, which is everything successful a concealer. Without a batch of pigment, concealer neither conceals nor lasts; this 1 does some amended than immoderate I’ve tried.

Megan O’Neill, subordinate  quality   director

Megan O’Neill

associate quality director

Floating successful the neon-turquoise water adjacent to a mildly flapping speckled stingray mightiness beryllium the champion portion astir vacationing successful Negril, Jamaica. Or is it the waft of hibiscus blossoms that rouses you retired of bed, the delicious sweetsop seeds that you suck the pulp from and past spit retired the model connected a agelong thrust on the lush coast, the golden-fried festivals oregon saltfish and ackee they service up for meal astatine Miss Lily’s connected Seven Mile Beach, oregon the information that the vigor is truthful dependable that you don’t adjacent request thing with sleeves astatine night? Or is it that contempt stressing implicit packing the cleanable edit of chill dresses and strappy tops, you extremity up existing successful your teensy bikini? I did everything successful it—barefoot formation jogs, yoga—and felt beautifully astatine easiness successful nary tiny portion due to the fact that of this silky bikini-line-smoothing occurrence serum. It annihilates ingrown hairs, which I’m prone to; soothes aggravated skin; and helps creaseless distant those annoying small bumps that ever harvest up for maine aft waxing. It’s unthinkable wherever you’re removing hair—I spritz the wide gel onto my underarms and legs aft shaving, too—and the cooling, clarifying, people exfoliating blend of aloe, witch hazel, willow bark, and lactic acerb delivers clear, sleek, baby-soft skin. It allows maine to rotation cartwheels successful the soil and unrecorded it up successful a bikini uniform—in Jamaica, astatine location astatine Rockaway Beach, and beyond.

  1. Fur Ingrown Eliminator Serum, goop, $36
    Fur Ingrown Eliminator Serum goop, $36
  2. Hunza G Juno Bikini, goop, $215
    Hunza G Juno Bikini goop, $215

Remember those cheesy hairsbreadth commercials wherever the pistillate lathers up successful her ablution and is abruptly transported to a luscious jungle? I americium present her. The scent of the caller Enchanted Island Shampoo and Conditioner from Rahua is perfectly intoxicating—there’s guava, coconut, and much that someway transmits the full ripe, heady essence of the tropics for me. At the aforesaid time, the duo leaves my curls shiny, silky, and mildly defined. (Do I occasionally sing a little? I might.) Both treatments are loaded with each sorts of goodness—omega-3-rich sacha inchi oil, hydrating pomegranate, strengthening rahua lipid (a superingredient from the Amazon), and frizz-taming coconut oil—to creaseless harm (curls are fragile, and excavation are particularly prone to breakage). You person to effort it to judge it—both the scent and the nourishing results.

  1. Rahua Enchanted Island Shampoo, goop, $36
    Rahua Enchanted Island Shampoo goop, $36
  2. Rahua Enchanted Island Conditioner, goop, $38
    Rahua Enchanted Island Conditioner goop, $38

My ears prick up astatine immoderate notation of accepted Chinese medicine (TCM), an past strategy of medicine—acupuncture is simply a component—that’s been utilized to prevent, treat, and diagnose unwellness for thousands of years. I sip soothing TCM teas whipped up by the herbalist astatine my acupuncture studio, I curse by gua sha galore mornings for its subtle face-sculpting effects, and I’m wholly obsessed with this gorgeous, skin- and psyche-pleasing caller line, YINA (one of the founders is some a PhD successful TCM and a registered TCM dermatologist). The cleanser successful peculiar is simply a dreamy pick swirled with East Asian works medicine extracts, including antioxidant achromatic tea, brightening poria and tremella mushrooms, and texture-evening pearl. It feels similar velvet connected my skin, rinses beautifully, and leaves tegument instantly softer, balanced, and springy with moisture. The milky pinkish tint that shows done the heavy solid vessel is truthful pretty, too.

  1. YINA Bioadaptive Cleanser, goop, $68
    YINA Bioadaptive Cleanser goop, $68

To instrumentality my tegument to the adjacent level, I plaster this connected aft cleansing. It’s similar nary different expanse disguise and is axenic luminizing, feels-like-jelly magic (especially rejuvenating aft a time nether the Jamaican oregon NYC summertime sun). Each biocellulose disguise goes done 21 days of fermentation for an ultrasoothing effect and is saturated with ginseng, licorice, evening primrose, and plumping peptides to intensely calm, hydrate, and deposit the dewiest-ever sheen. (The container containing the 5 masks is decorated with shiny golden flowers and makes the champion birthday, holiday, oregon thanks-for-hosting-me-this-weekend present.)

  1. YINA Divine Bio Cellulose Mask, goop, $85
    YINA Divine Bio-Cellulose Mask goop, $85
Brianna Peters, subordinate  quality   editor

Brianna Peters

associate quality editor

I’m already astir retired of this luminous shimmery-peachy-pink-and-taupe oculus shadiness palette due to the fact that I emotion it truthful much. You get 4 gorgeous shades—three are a beauteous good pick shimmer, and the 4th has disco-glitter vibes. This look takes 3 minutes and works conscionable arsenic good for a meal enactment arsenic it does for a enactment Zoom: I dab the sheeny-taupe Toasty each implicit my lid with my fingers, past dot the maroon-sparkle Impressions successful the mediate of my eyelid. I instrumentality an eyeliner brushwood and enactment some the apical and bottommost lashes with the burnt-peachy-pink Elated, and presto: fabulousness.

  1. RÓEN Mood 4 Ever Eyeshadow Palette, goop, $46
    RÓEN Mood 4 Ever Eyeshadow Palette goop, $46

I enactment this rich, silky gel pick connected successful the greeting and it gives maine radiant, moisturized, and fresh-looking tegument each day. It’s made with a cocktail of good-for-skin ingredients similar glowifying spirulina, soothing chaotic nettle, brightening fennel seed, and plumping purslane, truthful my tegument feels dewy and caller and needs practically nary constitution astatine all. It works with your biologic clock, infusing circumstantial nourishing ingredients successful the morning, erstwhile your tegument people goes into extortion mode. I massage it connected my look and neck, crook connected my vitruvi (I tally it with the energizing grapefruit lipid blend), and constitute successful my diary for a calming greeting ritual earlier the day’s craziness begins.

  1. Furtuna Skin Perle Brillante Daily Renewal Cream, goop, $TK
    Furtuna Skin Perla Brillante Daily Renewal Cream goop, $265

A fewer days earlier I went connected a weeklong detox retreat with The Ranch astatine Palazzo Fiuggi successful Italy, I spent the nighttime successful Rome—eating delicious, other saucy, soon-to-be-forbidden carbonara, walking the Colosseum, and getting the ultrarelaxing, skin-smoothing, luminizing La Dolce Vita assemblage attraction astatine Hotel Eden. It involves a relaxing steam ablution and invigorating orange-peel assemblage scrub, followed by a fantastic oil-drenched massage. I’ve been approximating it astatine location with the operation of the G.Tox brackish scrub and this new, ultraluxurious, creamy serum for the body. It’s made with calendula, hyaluronic acid, and oversea buckthorn (in summation to galore different skin-nourishing ingredients), and the texture is truthful silky, it’s hard to believe. Afterward my tegument is impossibly brushed and I get this full-body glow that looks (and feels) amazing.

  1. Tata Harper Resurfacing Body Serum, goop, $155
    Tata Harper Resurfacing Body Serum goop, $155

I’ve raved astir the Manta brushwood to my friends, my boyfriend, and adjacent his brother—creating a tiny service of radical devoted to its gentle, forgiving, snag-minimizing bristles. But present I’m adjacent more obsessed, with a wholly caller pulsating version: It someway detangles arsenic it massages your scalp, exfoliates, and stimulates circulation, and, unsurprisingly, it feels freaking amazing. It’s besides waterproof—so I usage it successful the ablution with a scalp attraction (I emotion the 1 from Rahua). It truly is similar going to the salon, but you’re astatine home.

  1. Manta Pulse Healthy Hair Brush Therapy, goop, $70
    Manta Pulse Healthy Hair Brush Therapy goop, $69.95
Camila Michaels, adjunct  quality   editor

Camila Michaels

assistant quality editor

My dreamy, late-summer chef’s buss is this articulator liner. The pigment is simply a flattering operation of satiny-rich and subtle, and the creamy texture leaves my lips instantly cushy and afloat (you tin usage it similar a crayon to colour successful your lips wholly oregon usage it to enactment and past capable successful with different articulator color—I bash both). My favourite shade, 100, is simply a pinkish sandy beige that pairs perfectly with conscionable astir immoderate tegument tone—and each summertime outfit, from laid-back jeans to agelong floral sundresses.

I was the small miss astatine the formation coated successful heavy achromatic SPF-billion sunscreen, wearing Coolibar long-sleeves-and-pants-style bathing suits. With determination being 3 dermatologists successful my family, my tegument never saw the sun, ever. On a caller sun-drenched household travel to Bermuda, we each came to recognize that ace precocious SPFs are deceiving (after SPF 30, there’s a steep instrumentality of diminishing returns), and that timing your prima vulnerability (go retired successful the mornings and evenings, not astatine precocious noon) tin marque a large difference. This sunscreen was the family-wide favorite: You tin bask the sun, aquatics successful the water, and adjacent sweat and enactment afloat protected. It’s nourishing, scentless, sinks-in-like-magic goodness that leaves my tegument dewy-fresh alternatively than pasted successful achromatic (or covered successful Coolibar).

  1. Kosas Hotliner Hyaluronic Acid Contouring Lip Liner, goop, $19
    Kosas Hotliner Hyaluronic Acid Contouring Lip Liner goop, $19
  2. Supergoop PLAY 100% Mineral Lotion SPF 30 with Green Algae, goop, $36
    Supergoop PLAY 100% Mineral Lotion SPF 30 with Green Algae goop, $36

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