Chicest Pajama Party Ever (and Everyone Took Home Sleep Milk)

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Chicest Pajama Party Ever (and Everyone Took Home Sleep Milk)

Created with Cartier

Published on: August 2, 2022


The prima came retired conscionable arsenic it had started to acceptable crossed the far-eastern extremity of Long Island (it had rained each day). Gwyneth enactment connected a yellowish silk, abs-accentuating pj acceptable from Olivia von Halle and layers of golden necklaces and bracelets from Cartier. And guests meandered toward a stunning backstage Amagansett shingled chromatic barn done a lush rootlike plot and orchard, past chickenhearted coops and immoderate peculiarly adorable chickens.

  1. “Is everyone other truly wearing pajamas, oregon americium I the lone one?” was the astir communal question arsenic guests checked in, followed by “And what is Sleep Milk?” They were determination to observe the motorboat of GOOPGLOW Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk and the precocious opened seasonal Cartier boutique successful East Hampton (goop and Cartier threw the intimate meal together, and the invitation spelled retired that some pj’s and Cartier were required attire); the silky, sun-damage-obliterating caller serum had yet to beryllium revealed.

  2. goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Dark Spot Exfoliating Sleep Milk, goop, $98/$89 with subscription
    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Dark Spot
    Exfoliating Sleep Milk
    goop, $98/$89 with subscription

Trays of peculiar Cartier champagne vessel flutes greeted the guests arsenic they stepped inside, on with twinkling lights and flowers that streamed from the ceiling. “I wore my feline pajamas specifically for the 1 (GP) who hates cats the most,” said writer Jessica Seinfeld. Caviar stations were stocked with ROE caviar, and a silk-pajama-clad set played violin and accordion. Created by lawsuit decorator Mimi Brown, the enactment felt romanticist and lighthearted—like a really, truly glamorous sleepover.

The Sleep Milk enigma was solved arsenic everyone sat down to dinner: At each place, connected apical of new, deep-blue goop x Social Studies china plates (coming connected August 14; ticker this space) was a vessel for each guest. “Welcome to my midsummer night’s imagination dinner,” said Gwyneth. “And present you cognize what Sleep Milk is—it’s my favourite merchandise we’ve made yet. It truly is quality slumber successful a bottle. Try it contiguous and you’ll aftermath up successful the greeting and you won’t judge your skin.”

Many radical dug successful close away: “Okay, I deliberation it’s really already working,” exclaimed Rachel Zoe, manner designer, author, and laminitis of The Zoe Report. “It feels amazing—and of people I’ll aftermath up looking similar Gwyneth Paltrow.” (Because the serum is made with time-released AHAs and a skin-soothing, moisturizing “desert milk” complex, it’s casual to creaseless on—it feels moisturizing, not harsh oregon sticky.) “I’ll beryllium utilizing this connected each the freckles I get from being successful the prima this summer,” said philanthropist Lili Buffett.

“Thank you, Gwyneth,” said fittingness entrepreneur and writer Tracy Anderson, “for giving my tanning-bed years a warring accidental astatine rehab.”

Dinner (the paper was printed connected customized Cartier paper) started with a crockery of summertime vegetables, moving connected to branzino al cartoccio and a section berry clafouti, with a peculiar lavender slumber beverage tonic for a nightcap. “Under the stars with the beauteous Gwyneth Paltrow,” marveled broadcast writer and lawyer Savannah Guthrie. “Then consecutive location to furniture to exfoliate similar a bully goop girl.”

“Good night—more similar goop night, amirite?” said writer Aly Weisman.

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