Book Fetish: Volume 491

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Welcome to Book Fetish: Volume 491, your round up of bookish clothing, art, accessories, reading tools, and more from around the web!

Bookmark Reading Tracker ($6): It’s a bookmark and a way to track your reading!

Three bookmarks depicting a bookshelf with books with blank spines and sleeping cats

Probably Reading Smut Pin ($11): Honestly, same.

an enamel pin of a book stack and roses with the words "probably reading smut" as a banner

READ T-Shirt ($16): This t-shirt is a classic.

A white t-shirt with red text that says "READ"

Library Card Sticky Notes ($3): Perfect for all of your TBR notes and reading reminders!

A pile of square sticky notes styled to look like library check out cards

Book Love Sticker ($4): This lovely sticker says it all.

A vinyl sticker that depicts a stack of pink books with a mug that says "book love"

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- Tirzah Price

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