A 5-Step Exercise to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

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A 5-Step Exercise to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Written by: Kelly Martin


Published on: July 28, 2022


Recently, Gwyneth did a league with vigor healer Lisa Cooney with cathartic results: “I was gagging, heaving, my full assemblage was shaking, I was soaking done my clothes,” GP wrote astir the acquisition successful a subscriber-only goop newsletter. “Releasing, releasing, releasing.”

No substance what idiosyncratic symptom constituent you travel to Cooney for—relationships, malaise, anxiety—she’ll yet usher you to an early-childhood acquisition wherever you felt that trauma for the archetypal time. She’ll link the dots betwixt past and present. And she’ll assistance you energetically untangle the nexus betwixt what you believed astir yourself past and who you are now.

Lisa Cooney’s Exercise for Shifting Limiting Beliefs

The thought down this signifier is to get nether the hood of your antagonistic thoughts. You place a content rooted successful your anterior trauma, analyse however it got locked successful the body, admit however that content is untrue, and signifier releasing yourself from your ain baggage. It’s simple, but it’s almighty erstwhile you bash it consistently.

Run done the pursuing questions 1 astatine a clip erstwhile you consciousness emotionally triggered. You could constitute your responses down successful a diary if you’d like, oregon conscionable reply them successful your head.


What is happening close now?


Where bash you consciousness it successful your body? Place your hands determination and breathe.


When person you felt thing akin before?


What did you determine astir yourself erstwhile you archetypal felt this way?


What volition you bash to alteration your absorption to this feeling?

Take your hands to bosom halfway and the little abdomen. Emphasize to yourself that the past is successful the past and admit however you person changed. Celebrate that you person honored your assemblage by embracing what you felt. Open your eyes and authorities that you are free.

Lisa Cooney, LMFT, is simply a therapist, author, and vigor idiosyncratic based successful Dallas, Texas. She offers integer courses successful the ROAR Method, which she developed to displacement antagonistic beliefs created by trauma, arsenic good arsenic one-on-one Access Bars and ThetaHealing sessions.

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