4 Bucket-List Glamping Experiences—and What to Pack

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4 Bucket-List Glamping Experiences—and What to Pack

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Published on: August 23, 2022

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Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker oregon similar the specified proposition of camping, the champion of some worlds is simply a luxe structure with fantabulous food, entree to untouched wilderness, and big, starry skies.

The 4 glamping sites beneath are the benignant of once-in-a-lifetime properties that apical our bucket list. And portion we’re dreaming/planning: We’ve rounded up the essentials (sturdy hiking boots, breezy shorts, a time battalion that fits everything) to load into your duffel, wherever you’re headed.

Mara River Tented Camp by Singita

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

In the grasslands of the bluish Serengeti, successful the bosom of Great Migration land, an intimate postulation of tents makes up Singita’s Mara River Tented Camp. Expect best-in-class safari charm, fantastic nutrient (Singita trains section chefs astatine its ain culinary school), and vino pairings plucked from the camp’s vast, award-winning collection.

But those are conscionable perks. You’re present to spot the Serengeti’s wildlife. Emerge onto your structure aboriginal successful the greeting and you’ll boost your chances of seeing wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles making a stream crossing. In the afternoon, an adept tract usher volition thrust you retired into the grasslands to ticker giraffes, elephants, and cheetahs spell astir their business. And portion you’re retired there, support an oculus connected the rocky outcrops—you mightiness drawback a lion connected the lookout for lunch.

Mara River Tented Camp by Singita Mara River Tented Camp by Singita
Mara River Tented Camp by Singita

Camp Sarika astatine Amangiri

Canyon Point, Utah

Just 5 tented pavilions marque up this camp, which is close crossed a agelong of godforsaken from Amangiri. They consciousness wholly private; your neighbors are mesas and canyons, sherbet-hued sunsets, and the clicks and chirps of godforsaken birds and insects.

Do adjacent to nothing, if you like, and walk the time looking retired implicit the godforsaken from your backstage plunge pool. Or research the nooks and crannies of Lake Powell and ooh and aah astatine the wavy stone formations of Vermilion Cliffs. Camp Sarika is simply a mates hours from Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and Monument Valley if you’re up for a time travel heavy into the godforsaken (or if you’re readying a longer travel with stops on the way).

Camp Sarika astatine  Amangiri Camp Sarika astatine  Amangiri Camp Sarika astatine  Amangiri Camp Sarika astatine  Amangiri
Camp Sarika astatine  Amangiri

Sápmi Nature Camp

Gällivare, Laponia, Sweden

Sápmi Nature Camp sits successful the northernmost portion of Swedish Laponia, astir 40 miles supra the Arctic Circle. Yes, you tin spot the Northern Lights successful the wintertime and the midnight prima successful the summer. But coming present is besides a maestro people successful the civilization of the Sámi people, who person been stewards of the section onshore and reindeer for millennia.

You’ll enactment successful 1 of the 5 raised lavvu (tents) connected the property. They’re pared-back but cozy. You’ll beryllium good fed: Gather for meals based successful accepted Sámi cuisine—there mightiness beryllium food quiche, reindeer jerky oregon sausage, waffles with cloudberry jam—at laminitis Lennart Pittja’s cabin. Most of the nutrient and food is provided by Pittja’s family, who herd reindeer successful the region.

A sojourn to Sápmi Nature is intentionally unscheduled. So instrumentality it slow: Meander into the wood to forage for autochthonal berries and mushrooms. Strap connected a brace of cross-country skis and glide crossed the frozen lake. Or person Pittja usher you done the summits and glaciers of Stora Sjöfallet National Park, wherever he’ll constituent retired moose, eagles, and different wildlife arsenic they pass by.

Sápmi Nature Camp Sápmi Nature Camp
Sápmi Nature Camp

Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Tucked into lush, old-growth rainfall wood connected Clayoquot Sound, the Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is truthful distant that getting determination is your archetypal adventure. Board the lodge’s backstage boat, the Norwester, successful the municipality of Tofino—it’ll instrumentality you done the fjord and driblet you disconnected astatine camp—or drawback a single-engine seaplane from Vancouver to the borderline of the spot and beryllium carried the remainder of the mode by equine and carriage. You’ll settee into 1 of 25 luxury tents nestled into the woods oregon perched connected the borderline of a verdant estuary.

You tin walk each time hiking, horseback riding, fishing, foraging, kayaking, oregon canyoning; wage a sojourn to the wood-fired sauna and in-ground blistery tubs astatine the spa; bask a cocktail alfresco; and settee successful to devour thing fantastic—like ultrafresh ceviche, perfectly pickled veggies, and house-made crystal cream—at the central lodge.

Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge
Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge

What’s connected Your Packing List

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  5. Eddie Bauer hat
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  6. Vitruvi remainder  kit
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  7. Birkenstock Sandal
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  5. Garrett Leight sunglasses
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